Meetup October 13th, 2015

11 Oct 2015

Hello, fellow PSQGIS-ers! This is to confirm our next meeting, which will be held this coming Tuesday, October 13, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at the Richmond Beach Library, 19601 21st Ave. NW, Shoreline, WA.

There are a number of QGIS-related topics for us to cover:

  1. Using coordinate systems and projections within QGIS
  2. How to add raster data, create a hillshade, and then blend colors between multiple layers (such as hillshade overlays)
  3. How to join attribute tables in QGIS
  4. Adding well-known-text (.wkt) data to QGIS
  5. Further information on displaying time-related data in the QGIS Time Manager plugin
  6. Adding Google Earth .kml files to QGIS
  7. A special surprise topic!

As always, there will be time for QGIS-related general discussion, questions, tips and tricks.

Regards, Stu