Meetup January 12th, 2016

12 Jan 2016

Our Regular Monthly Meeting

Third Place Commons meeting room Lake Forest Park Town Centre, 17171 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA On the north side of the Town Centre shopping mall (Ballinger Way NE & Bothell Way NE), look for the entrance to Third Place Books. Go inside, and you’ll see a large open area. The meeting room is just off that open area.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone! We’ve got two QGIS presentations lined up, with the possibility of more. I’m going to cover the basics of QGIS data entry and editing (both spatial and tabular). Bob Catherman is going to show us how to use raster data within QGIS. Please note that he is asking that you respond to this meeting notice and let him know if you’ve previously worked with raster data in any GIS software, and how often. Your response will help him fine-tune his content.

Thanks, Stu