Meetup March 8th, 2016

05 Mar 2016

Our Regular Monthly Meeting

King Street Center 201 South Jackson Street

The building is locked in the evening. After the main enterance is gated you can access the building from a small side door facing 2nd Avenue South close to South Jackson Street. Paul McCombs will be at the door to help people in.


Here’s a quick reminder to put next Tuesday on your calendar for our regular Puget Sound QGIS meeting.

At this meeting, Evan Derickson will talk about QGIS cartography including hill shades, coastal vignettes and things you can’t do in ArcMap. I’m going to lead a group discussion about GeoPackages. I don’t know much about them, but I’ll share what my research has uncovered. If I recall, others may have some experience with them, or understanding about them, so everyone is encouraged to share their .gpkg knowledge! Finally, if time permits, I’ll share what I know about making map packages in QGIS.

I also want to thank Paul McCombs for taking meeting notes and getting them up on the website at!

Is anyone interested in getting together socially before the meeting for food and drink? If there’s interest, please respond to the group and we’ll see what evolves.

I look forward to seeing everyone.