Updated Agenda - Meetup August 14th, 2018 - InterIM CDA

11 Aug 2018

Our Monthly Meeting

Tuesday August 14th, 6-8pm

InterIM CDA - 310 Maynard Ave South, Seattle, WA


  1. Paul will share his recent experience using the US Census Bureau’s customized QGIS based GUPS software to participate in the Local Update of Census Addresses in preparation for the 2020 US Census.

  2. Robert will share a case study he is using in a QGIS curriculum he’s developing for use at Hue University of Sciences in Vietnam. The case study is using QGIS and Landsat 8 images to monitor development of a corn crop in a field near Monroe, WA. Monitoring started in April before it was planted and now the corn is 7 feet tall. Monitoring will continue with images every 8 days until after the corn is harvested. The goal is to teach students how to monitor any crop of interest in their country.

  3. Taylor Rulier will share tips and tricks for hillshading and labeling .

  4. Peter has question about using print composer for QGIS 3.2 for very large format (34” x 70” map) and trying to print using WMTS from Mapbox style.

  5. Any topics folks like to share/demonstrate. If you know ahead of time, please send a message via Meetup or the Google Group. Or, just show up and and share what you’ve got.

Paul McCombs