November '15 Meetup Minutes

12 Nov 2015

Covered Topics:

The Puget Sound QGIS user’s group met Tuesday November 10th at the Lakewood Library. We had five members in attendance and opened the meeting with a discussion of business Topics.

First time attendee Will Thomas asked for an orientation to QGIS. Stu filled him in with a brief history of GIS software and how QGIS came to be. Stu also mentioned that GIS Stack Exchange was a great place to ask questions and browse for interesting ideas on how to use QGIS.

Paul McCombs gave a presentation: Exploring Relations in QGIS.

John showed us how to use the Print Composer to produce a paper or digital output map. He used a handbook written by PSQGIS member Bob Catherman as a resource for his demonstration. Bob is interested in feedback on his handbook which is available on the PSQGIS Resource page.

Stu lead a discussion of EPSG codes that are used to specify map projections in QGIS.

Clifford demonstrated how to reproject a layer.

Agenda for the next meetup: