January '16 Meetup Minutes

24 Jan 2016

Covered Topics:

The Puget Sound QGIS user’s group met Tuesday January 12th at the Lake Forest Park Town Center. We had a crowded room including several members who had not previously been to a meeting.

Stu Smith covered some group business. We now have 66 members. Meetup.com will be asking members to pay $1.50 per month to continue with the group after introductory period.

Stu gave brief history of QGIS for the new members attending which inspired some discussion including the following:

Clifford Snow a leader of the OpenStreetMap Seattle meetup group discussed a bid to host the annual State of the Map conference in Seattle this year. They are working with Microsoft for sponsorship.

Clifford has been talking to developers about how Washington State Plane projections defined in ESRI generated shape files are not being detected properly from by QGIS. You can use the Prj2EPSG web site to paste in the contents of a .prj file and get the EPSG code that QGIS uses to specify the projection.

Bob Catherman presented his experiment to use QGIS to process raster images.

Next time Bob will demonstrate the scp classification tool. Stu also asked Bob to demonstrate his color ramp development at a future time.

Stu gave a demonstration of editing vector data in QGIS.

In February John Murphy will demonstrate printing paper atlases and Bob Catherman will give the second part of his raster experiment.