September '17 Meetup Minutes

16 Sep 2017

Covered Topics:

The September meeting was held at the Northgate Library.

Peter Keum gave a summary of his trip to FOSS4G Boston 2017, presenting his notes at, focusing on the QGIS content. Of particular interest was the news that QGIS 3.0 is coming soon.

There was discussion of Evan Derickson’s experience teaching QGIS workshops at the Washington URISA Conference and the CUGOS Spring Fling. We also discussed Robert Catherman’s experience teaching medical doctors in Vietnam and looked at Monitoring Health Outcomes Using QGIS manual he produced, which is available on our Resources web page. Peter Keum suggested that plan on offering a class and next years Washington URISA Conference and donate any proceeds to a worthy cause.

Peter also noted that as a user group we could get a free booth at the Washington URISA Conference. There was interest expressed in pursuing this for 2018.

We were packed into a small room and I did not have room to take notes. If anyone has corrections or additions they would like to make to these notes please let Paul McCombs know, or submit a pull request on github