May '19 Meetup Minutes

13 Jun 2019

Covered Topics:

The May meeting was held at Interim CDA. Thanks as always for their generous use of their conference room.

Just Raw Notes for Now

Accessibility - Clifford Snow



  3. Went through Cities of Mt Vernon, and Burlington.

    1. Edit the ways using standard OSM editing tools
  4. Now working on La Conner

  5. Others are working on remaining cities in Skagit County

  6. Mapping raised curbs vs. curb ramps, sidewalks & crosswalks

    1. Extract data from Overpass

      1. Checkout QuickOSM plugin
  7. Using a tool (plug in) called Disconnected Islands to identify areas that are not accessible to those who need curb ramps.

    1. Identified islands are supposed to show up in color, but do not

      1. To fix that Clifford needed to delete the field networkgroup, after which it gets regenerated and works.

      2. Each “island” has a different color

  8. Has been experimenting with calculating slope using lidar data

  9. Robert Catherman suggested Clifford reach out to senior communities as a potential user of this data for their residents

King County has a really nice Aerial basemap available as a WMTS


    • Add it to the WMS/WMTS layer in QGIS and it will be available in future projects that you create
  2. Kitsap and Pierce also have similar services but they do not align with King County imagery

Further discussion of workflow and data needs and brainstorming for displacement issue analysis for international district neighborhood. - Peter Keum

  1. Discussed how we can extrapolate block level population change from 2010 Census data and most recent ACS data

  2. Robert suggested we ask them “What questions do you have that you can’t answer?”

  3. Clifford suggested “Determine which buildings have and haven’t been retrofit for earthquakes

    1. Fred says city of Seattle has “unreinforced masonry buildings”

    2. Stephen suggests looks at dates of sale