QGIS Resources

How to Create and Edit File Geodatabases in QGIS

Notes and examples of how to read and write to Esri File Geodatabases in QGIS. Written by PSQGIS member Stu Smith.

QGIS Conference 2016 - added by Peter Keum

QGIS Time Manager

A Google doc with some resources about using QGIS Time Manager. Written by PSQGIS member Joel Masselink.

Monitoring Health Care Outcomes Using GIS

A handbook with detailed examples using QGIS for developing and operating a health care monitoring and evaluation system.
Edition E.3.8 published by Medrix, provided by PSQGIS member Bob Catherman.

Using QGIS to Process Raster Images

A presentation demonstrating the process of using LandSAT data in QGIS to perform forest cover change detection utilizing the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). Provided by PSQGIS member Bob Catherman.

Exploring Relations in QGIS

A presentation exploring the use of Relations in QGIS to associate tabular data with one to many relationships. Provided by PSQGIS member Paul McCombs.

Reference Materials and Online Learning

A list of QGIS references and one online class. Provided by PSQGIS member Peter Keum.