August '19 Meetup Minutes

13 Aug 2019

Covered Topics:

The August meeting was held at Interim CDA. Thanks as always for their generous use of their conference room.

Discover QGIS 3.x: A Workbook for Classroom or Independent Study. by Kurt Menke

Joel Masselink shared his favorable opinion of the book that covers a lot of new functionality in QGIS 3. Joel was particularly interested in a section on mesh data that sounds cool.

Menke says there is a big demand for training on FOSS4G, and offers certification in QGIS training. Certification requires developing training materials and contributing them to the QGIS community. Paul McCombs mentioned that Robert Catherman had published his curriculum on our PSQGIS web site. The curriculum has a non-commercial attribution share-alike license. Peter Keum suggested that he contact Matt Stevenson and Karsten Vennemann, both have developed and taught QGIS classes in the past.

Joel mentioned that this Carto tutorial written by Paul Ramsey would be a good project to rewrite as a QGIS tutorial, with the following interesting features:

Proposed Spatial SQL Workshop at CUGOS Fall Fling

Peter Keum would like PSQGIS members to collaborate and present a workshop at Fall Fling covering the following topics:

  1. Grab data from King County and put it into SQL lite.

  2. Demonstrate spatial SQL queries.

  3. Access the data directly from QGIS.

QGIS How-To Videos by Klas Karlsson

Stu Smith wasn’t able to join us, but forwarded a link to some QGIS videos he had found. We watched portions of What's new in QGIS 3.8 and agreed it was worth checking out further.

Accessing King County 2017 Ortho Imagery

Peter Keum taught this to Paul McCombs at work and they shared it with the group. Use the “Add ArcGIS-MapServer Layer” menu item if you want to add the King County 2017 Ortho imagery to your QGIS map. It is very simple to add the following link text:

InterIM GIS support

Peter Keum and Paul McCombs are coordinating with InterIM the organization that kindly donates our meeting space to help them with mapping and spatial analysis, and are encouraging all PSQGIS members to permit and skills and interest allow. Currently we are planning to obtain permit data from Seattle, and make a simple web map showing where current and planned developments are in the International District.